I created this site to share my experiences with Dahn Yoga. At first, I thought this practice was the greatest thing for my neck and shoulder pain. By the time I had discovered Dahn Yoga in 2010, I had spent over $50,000 in medical services to heal my pain. Nothing worked. There wasn't an Eastern or Western medical modality I hadn't tried to take away the heavy burden on my body.

Then, I found Dahn Yoga and felt that I was receiving some healing in the neck. It wasn't long before the Dahn center instructors started honing in on my physical pain and pinning me as a weak victim in all aspects of my life. From the abusive relationships I've had with friends and family members, to pinpointing the areas of "blockages" that accounted for my 7+ year body pain, they used all of my vulnerabilities against me.

Under the guise of genuine healers, the Dahn instructors tried to get me to enroll in their expensive extracurricular workshops and seminars. I understand business, so I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and turn down their sales tactics. Then, they became more aggressive.

The more I resisted, the more they attempted to use their mind control tactics (after all, Dahn Yoga is a cult founded by Ilchi Lee, reportedly a money and woman-loving fraud) to control me.

I'll try to update this blog as much as possible to share more experiences and thoughts about Dahn. However, my blog activity is contingent on your participation. I need to get your ideas and feedback to help inspire fresh, new content. I read all your comments (even those unapproved comments from Dahn Yoga) and I look forward to more.

Thank you for your interest. 


  1. Thank you so much for your sharing your experiences of Dahn Yoga through this blog. I too am a Korean-American Christian . I recently signed up for a 1 month membership and only attended one class, but had several private sessions. I was so drawn to it even though in my gut something didn't quite sit right. I am going through a very stressful time in my life and have been struggling with a lot of anxiety and depression, but after reading this blog, I am now convinced that this funny , gnawing feeling in my gut that something wasn't quite right was there to protect me. I want something tranquil and peace-inducing, but this is not the solution. Anyhow, thank you so much for opening up and sharing. I'm so glad I ran into this blog. I was set on attending this Yoga class everyday this week. And thank you also for your transparency in sharing that there were some positive health benefits, but that they are not worth participating in a cult. It helped so much to process my decision to stay away.

  2. We do not have a dahn center in my state so we dont have the experience of them pushing it on us (like any other business does using their own mind control techniques as well) , but i think the book and ordering the dahn yoga DVD online is sufficient to go with knowledge of chakras even if from other sources. I choose to practice these things solitary so i dont have to do things anyone elses way and such except mine. Mercy ministries and scientology tend to use same persuasion techniques to keep their businesses thriving

    1. Exactly who else is using same techniques? Who else is holding your hand and gives you a hug to sell you something? Who else tells you that money will come to you if you choose so? Who else pushes you to stop thinking rationally?

  3. What a blessing! I signed up yesterday for the introductory class. I'm aware of the healing benefits of tai chi and yoga and wanted to try it out at the Dahn center near my home. I prayed shortly afterwards, asking Jesus to protect me from any evil and to just allow me to experience the health benefits and maybe even be a witness. Looking up the school again today, I came across your blog! Accident? No way! The Holy Spirit directed me here in answer to my prayer! I will seek my training in a different setting now after reading this! Sometimes you never know how far your experiences will reach into other's lives! Your sharing here directly affected mine in a positive way! Thank you for your blog and standing tall for your Savior, Jesus Christ! May you be blessed!

  4. I have watched the news reports of Dahn Yoga being a cult. I will say that Dahn Yoga is not like any other yoga class I've ever attended. I have been with Dahn Yoga since approximately 2000 and never seen the cult-like activity. I attended at least four classes per week in the early 2000s. I relocated to other two other parts of the country, found the Dahn Yoga in those cities, and attended approximately three classes per week. I haven't attended a class since 2009 because there is no Dahn Yoga where I'm currently located. My health greatly improved while attending these classes. I never participated in any of the Dahn activities outside of class due to my crazy schedule....and possibly my ADHD. Regardless of all the negative reporting, I would join a Dahn Yoga if one opened up in a city near me because it has always been a positive experience.

  5. I, too, was intended prey for Dahn Yoga. I started by taking yoga and had one "healing" session for fibromyalgia. It all seemed to be helping and was actually in tune with my belief system.
    Then the instructor said a class would benefit me. I took the class (and it was very beneficial). Then the instructor told me I should take a week-end long "training" at their retreat center in Sedona. It cost quite a bit but I was interested in learning about this subject -- and she said she would "give" me 5 free healing sessions. The first few were fine. Then she told me I should read a book about a Korean Mother Earth Gaia type goddess. I did that. But I thought "what does this have to do with my class?"
    Two weeks before the retreat she gave me directions to the retreat center -- 20 miles from Sedona, 10 miles of dirt road through a national forest and a locked gate with a call box (and I'm thinking probably no cell phone service). All kinds of red flags, warning bells, and bad vibes!
    Then two days before I was to leave, another healing session. At the end of it she said "I would like you to join a special club we have. You would be a leader in educating others about a new and better life." For a donation of $10,000.
    Say what? Do I have "sucker" written on my forehead?
    So I did not go to the retreat training. What might they do to me, miles from nowhere, behind a locked gate, a captive audience?
    After thinking about all this I see a lot of what they do is brainwashing--repetition, hypnotic music, rhythms and voices in a fairly dark room.
    Like you said, the yoga may be OK, but please be wary of everything else!

  6. Yoga classes at center were ok but there was always hugging as u enter and exit the studio. I hated that. I only hug ppl who are close to me. I don't want to hug my yoga instructor. Then many ppl raved ab the shimsung workshop ab self discovery. I totally regret going. I also regret not leaving the minute I felt uncomfortable and truly disgusted. I completely disagree w the way they go about "helping" ppl find their true selves. There was shouting screaming and crying.

  7. I believe yoga is great. However, I don't believe in dahn yoga. Plain and simple. I attended regular yoga classes for about a year. I found the hugging as you enter and exit the studio a little weird. However, I never expressed my opinion. I hug ppl I love and care for. I could care less about hugging my yoga instructor. Then I had heard such great things about the Shimsung workshop (self-discovery), I thought I'd gain something from it so I tried it out. I regret and ever did. I mostly regret not walking out of it on the second day. You have to hold hands with your partner and look into their eyes. There is screaming and yelling as they ask you "What do you feel?!!!!" I found it quite disturbing. It's a total emotional roller coaster to get you to learn about your "true self." It's completely unnecessary to scream, yell at the top of your lungs, and cry in order to know thyself. At least I believe so. At the end they advertise about all of their other workshops....($$$). I felt this was like a cult and a huge freak show. It was a mess. Please do not engage is such nonsense unless you feel the need to constantly hug and have strangers tell you that they love you. New Age crap is not my thing.


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