Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips to avoid the Dahn cult

As I said in my last post, Dahn Yoga does have many cult-like qualities. Unless you're a tough, narrow-minded pig, you will have difficulty not letting yourself get swayed or sucked into the cult hoopla.

The health benefits of Dahn are very good - I still miss that aspect of it. If you want to join, do so, but just be sure you stay the hell away from their shady ways.

Here's how to be safe and "cult-free" should you decide to join Dahn yoga:

1. DON'T tell the instructors/"masters" anything about your past/present tragedies.
- They feed on the weak and will prey on you; practically forcing or coercing you to buy extra treatment sessions, seminars, Dahn gear, and/or workshops.

- Sure, you may have experienced a lot of strife and trauma in your life and you're DYING to share, but DON'T. Really, you will be doing yourself a great favor. They can and WILL hold your pain (physical and emotional) against you.

- Let's say you were abused or molested as a child and you never had anyone to console you. Now is NOT the time to bring it up with your Dahn instructor or fellow students REGARDLESS of whether they seem nice or trusting. If you do share your sad story with the instructors, good luck - they will HOUND you to sign up for costly programs and products on the basis of your past. "You will never heal from the wounds of your abused childhood if you don't sign up for this $800 workshop."

2. DON'T hang out for the tea and chat session after the exercise lesson.

- This is a time for sharing and caring. Actually, I always looked forward to and loved these sessions. They seem innocuous, but again - it's a breeding ground for more cultish activities. The instructors will remember that time you shared about your chest pain being alleviated and they WILL bring it up when they try to sell you 2 of Ilchi Lee's latest books about Brain Wave Vibration. Trust me.

- Just do your exercises and LEAVE!

3. DON'T talk on the phone with them for too long.

- The folks at Dahn will call you under the guise of "caring" or wanting to be your friend or mentor. It's all fine and dandy in the beginning, but be wary of the type of information they illicit. I can't emphasize enough that they can and WILL use any and ALL your information (feelings, facts, etc.) against you.

The basic theme for protecting yourself from Dahn's bullshit is not to air your laundry - dirty or otherwise.

Again, I'm all for the exercises. Heck, I even read Ilchi Lee's "Human Technology" ever now and then as a refresher for the exercises. If Dahn wasn't such an evil cult, I would go back for the exercises. Until they clear up any hint of their cult status, I will be practicing Dahn on my own (books, blogs, Youtube videos).

Please send me your thoughts.

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  1. You'd be surprised. I found the same to be true at a Dahn/Hatha hybrid that I attended for a while.
    There had been no tea served. But a living-room-like studio anteroom. I'd made the mistake of hanging around ... not that I'd purchased so many classes. I hadn't. But it seemed like an inviting "hangout" ... They called themselves a "community". Still do. It's a buzzword.


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