Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Friend's Dahn Experience in Korea, aka, Dahn Yoga's origins.

I literally forgot that I even wrote this blog several years ago. I'm doing some online housekeeping (updating passwords, deleting neglected social media sites, etc.) and saw that I had a Blogspot account. Anyway, I've said this before and I'll say it again: Please avoid Dahn Yoga.

This is a nonsense CULT that is out to get your MIND (along with your money, self-respect, and self-esteem, I may add). Here are some personal updates for you re: my "passive" experience in KOREA, where Ilchi Lee founded Dahn Yoga.

The last time I visited Korea, one of my best friends in Seoul and I were talking about how we were both inadvertently involved in cults. Not knowing that the other was referring to our involvement with Dahn Yoga, the subject eventually came out and we both were startled. Again, mostly because he (and his father) had been involved with Dahn in Korea for the last 25 years and I was practicing it in the states.
This was his Dahn experience (again in Seoul).

When my friend was 6 years old, his father was dying of some undiagnosed condition. He was in excruciating pain and was bed-ridden for years. My friend's father had "trained" him for nearly 2 years how to cook and take care of the house, as well as how to take care of his mother and younger brother. He was essentially preparing my friend to run the home and be the man of the house upon his death. Somehow, the father discovered Dahn Yoga and attended regularly. Within 6 months, he was almost completely healed. Within 2 years, he was completely mobile and pain free.

From then on, he attended Dahn Yoga classes religiously for another 15 years, taking her young son (my friend) with her. They both enjoyed the overwhelming health benefits of the class. My friend's father was such a devotee and an incredible Dahn practitioner, that he would constantly receive enormous praise from his teachers and instructors from other facilities and districts throughout Seoul. He was a walking testament to the powers of the healing arts.

Down the line, however, he began to hear stories about the founder (Ilchi Lee) and the practice itself, similar to the ones I've shared in previous posts. By this point, he had already paid a lifetime membership for himself and his son (EACH membership costing the equivalent of over $5,000.00 USD in Korean won). He felt trapped because he was healed, BUT he was/is also a devout Christian.

My friend and his father ultimately made the decision to pull herself out of Dahn Yoga. And, while they both earnestly yearn for their years of enjoying good health through the exercises, they each have no regrets.

What about you guys? Do you have similar stories? Did you or anyone you know suffer from extreme pain and receive healing from Dahn Yoga? What happened afterwards? And are you still in or out?

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  1. Stumbling upon a good and short story, read it, understand it. You may never know that it will also inspire you in at least a very little way. May that inspirational story also let you fire the souls of others, by sharing to your loved ones. You may never expect how much impact it may have. Who knows, some people may have big gratitude towards a simple share of an inspiring story.


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