Monday, November 18, 2013

Dahn Yoga Instructors, What? You're my MASTER?

Dahn Yoga Instructors refer to themselves as "Master."

Sigh - yet another cult tactic of using mind control over its students.

I referenced in previous posts that Dahn Yoga came from Korea by founder Ilchi Lee. If you know anything about Korean culture, you know that titles are a big thing over there. For example, if you work at a company, you're not just a "coworker." They have the title-naming game down to a science, having very specific titles ranging from Assistant Manager, Director, all the way up to General Manager and CEO.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, since we have titles too (in the US), but my point is that you actually ADDRESS people by their titles. Example: You never call someone by their name, like Robert or even Mr. Schwartz. Instead, you call them, "Senior Director." If Robert Schwartz and Pamela Chung are both Senior Directors, you would refer to them ask Senior Director Schwartz and Senior Director Chung, respectively.

All this to say that Dahn Yoga's "Master" title nonsense also came from Korea, a country that puts titles on everything, a result from the old days when the country was ruled by a monarchy, but I digress.

For the record, you'd call the instructor a "Sabu-nim" (사부님), which translates into "Master."

But pray forgive me, if I call you my "master," would that:

1- Make me your slave? A serf? An indentured servant?
2- Put you in a higher position than me?
3- Indicate that you have some kind of dominion over me?
4- Make me more vulnerable to your cult recruitment rituals because I'm starting to believe points 1-3?

Dahn employees are not certified by any universally accredited program, so why the hell do they want to called a master? On the other hand, institutions like martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Karate, etc.) and religions traditionally have a master to apprentice/student/follower relationship, and is widely accepted.

Dahn Yoga employees are just slaves to their grandmaster, Founder Ilchi Lee. How do you feel about calling your YOGA instructor a master?


  1. Those who have practiced this age old mind relaxing exercise have reported numerous benefits that have been experienced overtime after enrolling on the programme. Dahn Yoga has been proven to make the body healthy and strong, while also helping one to unwind and let go of anxiety and pressure from everyday's experiences.

  2. The physical exercises are not bad. Although, I have seen better. ALL other workshops and trainings were designed for manipulating students freedom and wallet. Not to mention that on top of it they are being trained like dogs to worship lichi lee like a god. That Ilchi has such a low self esteem since he needs to be praised all the time. Pathetic.


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