Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ilchi Lee and his Dahn drones like my blog!

The post title says it all: Ilchi Lee and his Dahn drones like my blog!

I get a good amount of internet traffic on this blog (even though I haven't and do not make a penny off of it). I'm happy to spread the word and increase your knowledge on the cult nature of Dahn Yoga. I just wonder if my experience helps you enough to make you leave feedback.

I get blog comments on a regular basis, but I often do not approve them and they never seeing the light of day. Why, you ask? Because ALL these comments are coming from Dahn Yoga drones. And, they often write something nice, neutral, and beneficial about either their fraud of a leader, Ilchi Lee, or about the practice itself.

It's not really from a mindset of censorship that I've refused to publish these comments. Rather, it is just counterproductive. For example, why in heavens would say, a Christian church, allow a satanist to come in and preach their agenda? It's completely inconsistent and contradictory; It just doesn't make any sense.

However, I've been publishing all of Dahn Yoga's and their affiliates' starting from November 2013. This purpose is to show you, the legitimate readers, what they are actually saying. If you peruse my blog, you'll see they write messages with similar themes in a similar tone. They are very consistent and come off as well-mannered and gentle.

This makes me chuckle, though, as it only serves to highlight what I've been saying all along; that they're the masters of recruitment and brainwashing. After all, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, right?

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    1. Dear Klyn,

      Thank you for sharing your sister's story. It is a very sad and painful one, and it must've been difficult yet cathartic to post her story. I hope that your sister will find her way back to reality for her own health and sanity. Your family sounds very loving and supportive, and I hope she will be able to come to terms with her past (all the ill-perceived "failures" and set backs, including her divorce) with all your support.

      Peace be with you.

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    3. Also, can you remove my remaining record of my previous post which incl. my google account information that says *klynkite*.
      I would really appreciate it, if you can.
      Thanks again,

  2. I love the term Dahn Drones. LOL That's exactly how one can describe the "MASTERS" of Ilchi Lee. In their eyes, Ilchi Lee can do no wrong. They will not challenge, question, or disagree with anything he says. They will walk to their death for him. They have all drank the cool-aid. In Korea this is a religion but that would not go in America so they created a corporation to hide behind it. The successor to Ilchi , a woman, has openly created a temple and a religion in Korea. But a lot of people in America do not realize it. If one can just go take classes and leave, like any other place, it would ok but classes are not the mission. It's all about the workshops to brainwash members in the name of spiritual growth and completion. Prices are always vague. You rarely get a straight answer. There's always some deal they offer making it sound great like giving you healing session or some book or film to justify the price and fool you into getting a good deal. They even go as far as suggesting you borrow money against your credit card or take money out of your retirement account or 401k to lend them or donate because money is not important , it's just attachment to worldly possessions. Well then why do they need all this money? It's ok for them to collect money and drain your savings but not for others who's worked hard to be secure in older age. So frustrating.

    1. If Dahn yoga is a cult so is every organized religion. I was raised a Catholic in 13 years of Catholic school. Talk about being duped of money,brainwashing,sadistic rituals (had to kneel on a hard floor for an hour for talking in church when I was 8 years old) . We had to bow to crusty and bow to the masters, I mean priest and nuns. I was told as a child I would go to he'll and so would my family if we didn't have holy water and candles in the house. My parents had to filth in a weekly envelope along with paying an expensive tuition for my brothers and sisters. Talk about cool-aid we were eating and drinking the body and blood of Jesus Christ for our spiritual growth. I've been asked to go to several workshops by the masters at Dahn.I participate some but not all of them. Yes they cost money but what doesn't. You know of retreats and spiritual workshops that are free.Please tell me where. Maybe I don't fit their target profile but I have never felt pressured to do anything.I enjoy the class and have benefited physically from their yoga stretches. The meditation is relaxing and the energy work unique.Beats the he'll out of putting more money in the government's pharmaceutical pocket by doctors -legal pill pushers. My savings is intact. I have never lied to my family or friends about Dahn yoga. It's not for everyone,but neither is marathon running,triathlons,Morman,Hindu, Elks club,or any organization.To each his own.

    2. Dear Reader,

      I'm sorry that you've been caught up in "organized religion." You said that you were raised Catholic and more or less saw the business side of it. This is not a site where I lecture on Christianity (although I am a Christian), but a true relationship with God is not "Religion," which is mostly the fulfillment of the law, e.g., as you said: paying your dues, kneeling on hard wooden kneelers, holy water, candles.

      Rather, living and being part of the body of Christ through church is living in His perfect grace and practicing your faith by living according to His will. God does not desire our religious ceremonies or even our money - He desires our hearts, which are transformed by His power and love. In this way, if we choose to live in obedience to His word (the Holy Bible), then we want to further His kingdom through evangelism and yes, tithes, which can be in the form of time and finances.

      Ultimately, it's the faith we put behind our actions that pleases God. As for the experiences you've had, again, I am sorry you went through that and it left a bad taste in your mouth. It can be difficult to find a good local church that operates out of sincerity and humility. I have my own thoughts on Catholicism, but again, this is not the forum to address that.

      As for Dahn, the theme of my blog is to expose its cult-like practices by mind-control and emotional manipulation. One cannot possibly compare their weekend cult retreats to say, a VBS (vacation Bible school) because their motive is purely financial. Hopefully, your churches use the money for their retreats to fund the events (administration) and to share the gospel to all of God's people.



  3. I can't stop being amused by how hopelessly retarded those masters are. I just want to understand something. Is there really a way to turn a normal good human into one of those zombies? Or do those brainwashing techniques work only on people with poor ethics and low self esteem? One of my dearest friends is their master. I feel like I have lost him forever. Did I do not enough of being good or is he just such person? Meaning that alike energies are attracted?

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    1. Hello,
      Dhan is a good place to practice Meridian excercises and stretching and it helps take away tension and depression. The best way to take advantage of Dhan yoga is to only do the regular classes and never do any other workshops.
      Good luck


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