Friday, November 8, 2013

Cult of Personality (LOL) - Dahn Yoga Instructors

Dahn Yoga instructors have a peaceful, friendly, and Zen-like quality. It's one of the allures of the Dahn Yoga business. They are so friendly, warm, open, and constantly seem to be at peace and at one with everything around them. They're like content Buddhas and even-keeled in this crazy world, and yet - they're also the biggest con artists around.

When you meet a Dahn instructor, no doubt you will be charmed by their seemingly pure heart and good intentions. They smile a lot, seem genuinely interested in you, and speak in such a comforting and soft voice. It's no wonder that many students feel drawn to them and try to emulate them by following them (by taking additional classes, being talked into buying Dahn products and services, etc.).

But if you stick around long enough, you the truth will eventually come out. These so-called new friends of yours becoming increasingly pushy with their sales pitch. If they are truly your friends, do you think they'd be peddling some BS "Shim Sung" class on you for $300-$500?

Oh, it's because they're watching out for me and want me to improve myself, let go of my past, overcome my fears, etc. etc. The truth is that they want your money. End of story. Each instructor is required to meet a sales quota per month, and the only way they can do so is by selling you useless shit. So you tell them that you're unemployed, a student, a single parent, or whatever legitimate reason you have (other than the fact that they're annoying the crap out of you and you simply don't WANT to buy anything else) and they still won't let up.

This happened to me. I was unemployed and living off my savings for several months. I explained this to the instructor but she kept pushing the Shim Sung class on me. The more reasons I gave, the more she pushed.

"It's an investment. You cannot put a price on your health. Don't you want to get well?"
"We offer a payment plan. You can pay it in 3 or 4 payments."
"You will get so much out of it. It has changed my life and the lives of so many others."

If you decide to take up the classes, I can almost guarantee that you will be drawn to the instructors, but please be wary. The moment you start to feel uncomfortable and really consider their true motivations is the moment you start opening your eyes to the insidious nature of the Dahn cult.


  1. Same with the other nations in Asia, Korea also has an interesting history when it comes to mind-body and holistic healing practices. The great Dahn Yoga originated from this great nation. Dahn Yoga follows the principles of Korea’s Taoist philosophy. Aside from that, it also integrates the holistic principles of the tradition of Korean Oriental Medicine.

  2. dahn yoga people are delusional. i went to a class as a drop in and paid $29. after class they tried to sell me on the membership. they are more aggressive than a used car salesmen.!

  3. You have know how to bargain ;P I kind of cracked a "Master"s shell once, when I got him to give me a month membership for $30. He caved in, saying that i bargain like a Chinese. Anyway, the exercises are wonderful, but if you're not a stubborn strong-willed person, you can easily be swallowed up by their "business tactics." I found it comparable to CUTCO/VECTOR recruiting (i was one of those horrible recruits that didn't sell a single knife, so they refused to pay for half of my presentations! Boo, what a waste of time...), or the somewhat pushy tactics of the European Wax Center franchise (best waxing experience i ever had, not gonna lie, but they really try to push their product line on you)...


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