Thursday, November 7, 2013

How My 85-year old Aunt thwarts Dahn's Cult Recruitment Practices.

My 85-year old Korean aunt takes Dahn Yoga classes in Seoul, Korea. She knows full well that this is a cult, but, like me, she agrees wholeheartedly that the health benefits are astonishing. She has all the requisite ailments of a super senior citizen (arthritis, aching back, inflammation, restricted range of motion, etc.), but Dahn frees up her pain and makes her feel light and refreshed.

Funny enough, when I told her that I used to take the classes in the states, she looked at me like a deer in headlights. I knew what she was thinking. Because I was thinking the same thing when she told me she was enrolled in Dahn.

We both wondered whether the other knew that we were involved in a cult. Fortunately, we had a good laugh about it and I told her how I broke away from their iron cult chains. My 3-month membership had expired and I started to talk more and more to the Dahn instructors about God and my relationship with Jesus Christ. Any mention of the Lord our Savior is like their Teflon, and thus reduces their stickiness in conversion efforts.

My aunt's tactic in reduced extracurricular involvement (remember, they try to lure you into counseling and healing sessions along with $1,000s worth of classes and seminars) was to exploit her own age. LOL. She told me that she uses her old age to her advantage. Whenever her instructors try to sell her useless crap or try to preach their cult gospel, she goes into "senior citizen" mode and tells them that she is too old, poor, and dumb to make any decisions. She does this so tactfully and graciously that the Dahn drones leave her alone.

For the record, my aunt is highly intelligent, fun, and vivacious! And, hilarious. Sometimes feigning a "senior moment" can really work in one's favor :-D

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