Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dahn Yoga in Rolling Stone Magazine and on the WWW

Here's a link to "The Yoga Cult," an excellent article by Rolling Stone Magazine (March 28, 2010) about the cult of Dahn Yoga. The article follows the lives of a few students who were die-hards; do-or-die followers of the dangerous group, who ultimately succumbed to loss of their financial livelihood, self-identity, sexual innocence, and, for one young lady, Julia Siverls, their life.

Please don't take my word for it. Sure, I was part of Dahn and yes, I was manipulated. Sure, I have friends AND family who have either participated or continue to attend classes knowing full well that this is a cult. Why do people still do it? It's addictive. You feel like you're a part of something, and you feel welcomed. When the Dahn center managers start pricking at your emotional weaknesses and dangle promises of healing and enlightenment at the low investment of $XYZ, you don't want to upset the same people who showed you (feigned) kindness.

Please, educate yourselves on the dangers and history of Dahn Yoga. Look around the WWW, and read for yourselves the tragedies that follow customers. Check out all the sources available out there, including Dahn's very own Dahn Yoga Voice website, which chronicles and tracks their many lawsuits. Beware, that some of their articles are written without regard for humanity, even so far as trivializing Ms. Siverls' case by insensitively stating, "This story should not be news, but it seems that the plaintiffs’ lawyer did not get the payoff he expected and has become a sour grapes critic of Dahn Yoga."

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