Sunday, June 7, 2015

Part 1: My Heart to Heart to a Concerned Blog Reader: "I am in a quandary"

One of my readers left a very thoughtful and heartfelt comment this morning in response to one of my posts. They have been introduced to the introductory Dahn Yoga healing session and class, and are already in the crossroads of what to do next. On one hand, it feels right (soothing, healing, relaxing). On the other, something feels akin to being caught in the Matrix - my words, not theirs. Immediately below is a snippet of their comment. You can read their full comment at the bottom of this post.

"Reading your blog and others it is obvious that I should have trusted my initial instincts but I really wanted this to work. So, I am in a quandary: I could simply continue taking the classes but not succumb to pressure to become any more involved with the studio, but what is my moral and ethical responsibility to others now that that I see how easy it is to be sucked into something that may ultimately be quite harmful? Am not sure where to go from here."

Here's the thing about Dahn Yoga. If you are looking for pain relief or a greater sense of well-being, you WILL experience a moral dilemma. This is particularly true if:

1. You have severe, debilitating, chronic pain as I do. (Really, I am not truly living. I am simply struggling through my physical suffering).
2. You went into Dahn Yoga without any prior knowledge, ie, unaware of the dark side.

Dear Anonymous Commenter, if you happen to be reading, here's what I'd share with you with an earnest heart.

I don't know what your current physical condition is in. My pain is what initially drew me into my local Dahn Yoga center. The pain was (is) so horrific that it was also hurting me emotionally and mentally. If you are in the same shoes, or can strongly relate on at least 1 out of the 3 points (hurting body, mind, spirit), I feel for you.

There is no one answer, but there is a "best answer." Unfortunately, the "best answer" is not one that is always a one-size-fits-all. Sometimes, the sage advice, "follow your heart" is not the right way to go. Under circumstances, there are times when we have to override that statement and go through something anyway.

Some examples? Taking pharmaceutical medication to treat an intolerable medical condition even though it goes against your entire framework of "natural" healing. Or, agreeing to surgery when you've exhausted every single tool in your arsenal of homeopathic cures.

You've got to weigh the pros and cons from the brain and the heart. Or, try to examine which brings you more pain. Does the anxiety and philosophical angst you feel outweigh the physical burdens of your body? Would you be able to "suppress" one pain over the other with whichever decision you make?

Do keep in mind that one of the ways Dahn Yoga makes you feel better is its ability to release endorphins during and after each session. Would daily power walks or traditional yoga classes provide you with the same effect? Honestly, nothing I've ever done has felt better than Dahn. And again, this is coming from someone who, for the last near decade of my life has tried every single Western and Eastern medical modality known to civilization...not to mention the tens of thousands of US dollars I've spent out of pocket to cure (or at least manage) my pain.

I know it's tough, especially if you've been reading other articles and blogs on the madness that is Dahn Yoga. At the end of the day, you are committing yourself to an hour of exercises which help alleviate pain. But your head always has that big question mark coursing from your brain into your heart. I get it. 

Please consider this post a proverbial "heart to heart" over a warm coffee and pastry. I'll write for you a part 2 which gives just legalistic, pragmatic thoughts. Just my two cents. Please check my blog again on 6/9/15 for part 2. Thank you again for reading my blog and sharing your comment.

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