Monday, April 20, 2015

Dahn Yoga Books

I admit it. When I was into Dahn Yoga, I bought 2 of their books, Human Technology and Brain Wave Vibration. Both titles are written by Dahn head honcho and founder, Ilchi Lee, who is a native Korean. The books are obviously translated into English, and they are written in a natural manner, ie. no strange Korean expressions literally translated into English. They're easy to read, follow, and accessible.

I still have both titles on my book shelf. For some reason, I still can't get myself to throw them away. And, I certainly wouldn't feel right donating them to the library or giving them away. I wouldn't want to spread the word of Dahn Yoga to others...well, other than to expose them, by means of this personal blog, at least.

I was thinking about doing a book review on both titles before I do throw them into the incinerator (actually, my recycle bin). I have to say that I quite enjoyed Human Technology when I last read it about 5 years ago. I don't know if this was because I was unwittingly allowing myself to explore New Age thinking beyond my strong Christian beliefs. In any case, I recall decent explanations about how our brains are wired and that we can incorporate simple exercises to relieve pain and stress. Ugh, look at that - it's like I'm making a plug for a modality I vehemently oppose.

As I've stated repeatedly throughout this blog, I do believe in the health benefits of Dahn Yoga. It's the underlying sneakiness and cult-nature of how the business is run and its manipulation of vulnerable folks (the elderly, the meek, the lost) that is inherently wrong.

I never cared for Brain Wave Vibration, which is Ilchi Lee's pride and show, and one of the foundational principles of the Dahn practice. I recall it to be oversimplistic and unmemorable. I read it once and it is still in "Like New" condition. Too bad I will toss it today rather than make a couple bucks by selling on Amazon.

If you do want a mini review of Human Technology, do give me a hollar by leaving a comment. I accept anonymous comments; You do not have to register...what a bottleneck that is, BTW!


  1. Calling “Grand Master” Ilchi Lee “shady” is understatement. If you dive deeper into this organization, Ilchi is actually worshiped as reincarnation of Korean deity Dahn Gun. Dahn Gun statues Ilchi's organization tries to raise all over Korea are actually modeled him. He holds fake doctorate degree from 2 California based diploma mills, and claims numerous honors almost too ridiculous to mention. Check this site out if you need more info.

    Contrary to their claims, this junk is not based on 5000 years old Korean spirituality nor Tai Chi or yoga. Ilchi did not learn any of those from any where. He just cooked up these ridiculous New Age concoction that is not based on any tradition. Which tradition does he base shaking head vigorously can lead to enlightenment? Some mentioned axonal shearing, and I think similar harm can be done as drunken punch syndrome or brain trauma caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome. Shaking head is the worst concept, and I can’t believe people are doing this.

  2. In all fairness, the actual exercises that are administrated in the classes DO comprise an amalgam of Tai Chi and yoga best practices. There is definitely a "healing energy" component that goes on in the physical movements. However, the actual INTENTION in which the exercises are carried out are questionable.

    Dahn Yoga is NOT pure Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, or 100% of any other ancient meditative movement practice. It is a buffet of a little bit of everything re-packaged and presented as a panacea. But yes, I agree with you that some of the movements are flat out bizarre yet effective, as disgruntled as I am to admit that. The head shaking and body bouncing seem like kindergarten moves, but they did make me feel better.

    Thank you for commenting!
    - Administrator

  3. When I went to shim sung the director pinched my hand between the thumb and palm. I noted the "heart opening" physical response, but having some experience with pressure points did not perceive it as a "spiritual" experience. I am curios about how real acupuncturists use this pressure point, and would caution anyone still using dahn against believing any "spiritual" lessons they might imply.

  4. I have been a gold member for 10 years and I am very happy that I joined - it has made me feel much better in every aspect of my health. But, from the very beginning I never became involved in the sharing time and never showed my weaknesses because I felt that this is what they preyed on for business. My sister sensed it was a cult and I told her that it will only be if I allowed it to.


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